Fight for Honor, Country, and Spicy Mustard

Diner Duel is a fantastic strategy card game. The setting is a tabletop in a 1950’s-style diner. Players compete as The Four Flavors (Sugar, Mustard, BBQ, and Pepper) and send their Champions (plastic action figures) into a circular Arena (key ring) to duel for the Keys to the Kingdom (a car key, house key, mailbox key, and bike key). The player who makes the best use of the powerful Weapons (condiment packets, including ketchup and pickle relish) defeats their opponents and wins the game.

the story

It’s a busy day at DD’s Diner and your waitress, Pandora, takes your order and then places an ornately-carved wooden box on your table.

“I’m sorry, but the kitchen is really backed-up, so it’s going to be an hour before you get your food,” she says. “Here are some fun things you can use to entertain yourselves while you’re waiting.”

You open the box and discover it’s full of plastic action figures. You and your friends empty your pockets onto the table and decide to use everything available to create a game.

You decide the goal of the game is to obtain the four “keys to the kingdom” (a house key, car key, mailbox key, and bike key) which you place in front of each of the four people sitting at the table.  Next to each key, you place an “impenetrable castle tower” (a condiment bottle), where the key will be stored. In the center of the table, you place “the Arena” (a circular metal key ring), which will be where duels are fought. And next to each castle tower, you place a “powerful army” (of plastic action figures) to protect the Keys to the Kingdom.

The action figures represent the four competing Flavor Armies:

  • The Spicy Army (red), which controls the Pepper Sauce Flavor Tower (Condiment Castle)
  • The Sweet Army (white), which controls the Sugar Dispenser Tower
  • The Tangy Army (orange), which controls the BBQ Tower
  • The Mustard Army (yellow), which controls the Mustard Tower

Each player begins the game with:

  • A Flavor Tower (including a Flavor Avatar to protect the tower)
  • A four-piece plastic action figure army (including a soldier, dinosaur, ninja, and minotaur)
  •  A Key to the Kingdom
  • Two Weapon cards (weaponized condiment packets- see image on right)
  • An Action card

The first player to defeat the other armies and take their keys, wins the game.